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You and Everyone You Know Should Be Listening to Take Off Charlie.

You and Everyone You Know Should Be Listening to Take Off Charlie.

  Let’s start with this, if you haven’t listened to Take Off Charlie yet, you’re missing out. Going back to their first self-titled album released in 2014, Take Off Charlie has left their footprint in the Akron music scene. Believe it or not, five years have come and gone, and Take Off Charlie is preparing to release their second full length, twelve track album titled “I Was Born To Float”. It’s been a long time coming and is not worth sleeping on.


                Take Off Charlie was formed in 2013, led by front man Sean McDermott, a talented singer/songwriter from Akron, Ohio. Austin Milvet and Sean linked up via Facebook, by sharing multiple music and Beatle related posts until they finally met up for a jam session. It clicked. Austin, an incredibly talented guitar player joined as he brought plenty of guitar solos and soothing harmonies to the table. Lifelong friend of Sean’s’, Leah Mack Gable joined on the drums. Her natural raw talent and heavy Blink-182/Travis Barker influence created many different ideas and directions Take Off Charlie could go in. Finally, Mike Shaw was introduced on the bass, as a very intelligent, music savvy guy who could practically learn and play anything.


                After the release of their self-titled album in 2014, Take Off Charlie reached out to many different outlets to promote their new record. From being featured on a segment of Northeast Ohio’s popular radio show, Rovers Morning Glory, to hitting the road for a short tour from here in Akron, all the out to the windy city of Chicago. Upon returning from tour, and the early stages of writing the new album, the band decided it was best to add member Drew Wheeler to the crew. Drew, playing piano, violin, and other odd instruments really added the fuel to Take Off Charlies creative abilities.


                Now the time has finally arrived for their second album release “I Was Born to Float” which will be available April 5th, 2019. “I Was Born to Float” is certainly a giant step in the right direction. Their first single on the album, titled “Believe Me Son”, is the perfect song to have playing in your car on a nice spring day with the windows down. It immediately grabs your attention with the catchy guitar and piano within the first seconds of the track, and of course the vocal harmonies are a noticeable catch. The link to the song will be listed below.


                Their second single off the new record is titled “Grow Up/Not Out” and it has a completely different feel then anything compared to their first album. This song has a crazy electronic jam, and also still has the classic Austin Milvet guitar solo. It’s certainly different, but still has that Take Off Charlie feel to it. What’s most interesting however, is not only in just this song but every Take Off Charlie song, McDermott’s writing is honest. Sean’s “honest” writing is best displayed in the last track on the album, titled “A Letter To My Folks”. (That song absolutely crushes home to me). The link to find “Grow Up/Not Out” will also we posted below.




                I was able to catch up with Sean and Mike a week prior to the release of the album and I was able to ask a few questions, regarding the album, upcoming plans, and everyday life itself. The crew went on to talk about how IWBTF, originally was going to be a 16-track album (which means there are unheard TOC songs, not to be released on this record). The album was recorded twice, at Sean and Mikes home studio before being presented to Nathan, the producer at Central 8 Studios. Sean and Mike had a very particular vison of what this record was to sound like, recording every instrument on the demos before presenting it to the rest of the band. This laid down the backbone of how things were going to shape up but encouraged everyone to stay true to their own playing styles. The band laid low for 5 years for a good reason, this time around they were able to orchestrate an album they could play front to back, flawlessly, exactly how it sounds on the record. That’s exactly what we can expect at the CD release show.



                Catch their album release show at the Akron Musica on April 12th 2019 featuring Diamond Kites and Three Legged Chairs for just $10.

Take Off Charlie on social media:


Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/takeoffcharliemusic/

Twitter – @TakeOffCharlie

Instagram – takeoffcharlie


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