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Rising Star From Akron 'FlamesOhGod' Gives Us A Q&A

Rising Star From Akron 'FlamesOhGod' Gives Us A Q&A

Get To Know FlamesOhGod

Get a scoop on FlamesOhGod before reading our Q & A by clicking this link and learning more about the up and coming rapper from Akron:



Q: What made you want to start making music and who are some of your biggest influences when it comes to music?

A: “I always liked music at a young age. I wanted keyboards and microphones, I was never in to Power Rangers like the other kids my age. I loved music since birth! My biggest influence I think would be e40, he stayed on top of his game, independent, and still can change with the times. He is the most underrated, but far as business of music Jay-Z, Master p, and of course J Prince.”


Q: How did you come up with Strictly Street and what can we expect from you all as a collective?

A: “Strictly Street started in 2005, me and all my friends was runaways and we came up with the name. Everybody thought we were a gang at first but we’re not. We were officially crowned the best group in Ohio at the Ohio Entertainment Awards. We have at least 5 projects dropping this year and we also opening a restaurant soon.”


Q: Can you tell us anything about what you and Gates have planned?

A: “Gates and I are currently working on a few tracks planned to get released late this summer, after we get everything in the right place to promote it so we can get the maximum response from the records.”


Q: What’s are your thoughts on the local music scene in Akron, and other than yourself who should we look out for or do you like?

A: The local scene in Akron is bigger than it’s ever been. I listen to all local music, I like Pistol Clicc and Str8 Drop outside of my camp.


Q: And finally, is there anything you’d like to tell us? Upcoming events/shows or something to make some new fans that might be reading?

A: Right now I have “Tragedies and Trophies” hosted by BWA Ron, who is Kevin Gates brother, and also his official DJ. It's on all platforms Spotify, YouTube, Tidal, Google Play, and even prison inmates can get it on JPay! My next album that I'm working on should be released early this summer titled “Playing With Goats”. I’m also starting to get into movies that will be released in 2020 that will be on Amazon Prime.

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