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Wildheart: When Metalcore Veterans go Pop-Core

Wildheart: When Metalcore Veterans go Pop-Core

For fans of Issues and Woe is Me… we have news you’ll be interested in, and music you’ll certainly be shocked to hear. Michael Bohn and Kevin Hanson of former Woe is Me have reunited for a new musical venture, adding a brand new vocalist in Jaten Dimsdale. Michael Bohn described the sound as “…at times almost like if Fall Out Boy went a bit modern country.” In an interview with Rock Sound magazine.

I’m sorry… what?

Don’t worry, it’s the best. Right off the bat, the mixing and production value is very Issues-esque. Especially in the way the drums are blended. However, you aren’t served drums until halfway through the verse. Ambient background and Jaten’s rich soulful tone shatter any expectations you had going into the track. What we have on our hands here is an Alt-Pop-Rock home run, and you’ll know it by the time the chorus is through. The full band drop instantly paints the picture of where Wildheart is prepared to go to win your ears. What stands out as well, is how polished it sounds for a debut single. “Lonely” could be the hit single off a sophomore blockbuster.

By the end of the track, the mood and dynamics are on 10. Drum fills jab out perfectly, Jaten turns on the runs, and even a perfectly timed cut and drop really show off some serious potential. You’re left hearing that Fall Out Boy reference. Jaten Dimsdale combines Chris Stapleton and Cee Lo Green, while the instrumental section is very polished pop production bleneded with killer guitar and bass tones. I also cannot say enough about the drums that really carry this track and define it as more than something you can put in a box.

For me, that’s the best part of this song. Wildheart could go literally anywhere from here. This is a band that can be bright and poppy, or sassy and snarky. This is a band that combines all the tricks from being in the Warped Tour scene for years, with production and open-mindedness of putting out music that is authentic to the artists behind the speaker. Michael Bohn, in the same Rock Sound interview said, “…There are so many bands in the metal scene that just hit a ceiling. I don’t want to do that, or fit into a certain bubble. It’s time for a change. We want to tour with anyone we can, go at this full-force.”. And speaking on his departure from ISSUES,

“It’s music where you can drive along, wind the windows down, and just enjoy it. I know people are expecting me to write about what happened with ISSUES, but it’s not going to happen. I’m past it, moving forward 100 per cent and not looking back. There’s one song especially about starting over from square one. When you’re on a high, and then all of a sudden, you drop. You’ve got to go back to your roots and find your passion again, like when you were a teenager. That’s what WildHeart is.”

There it is. There’s the perfect description I’ve been fumbling for this whole article. The passion like when you were a teenager. That’s what Wildheart is. I cannot wait for the next single, and to see who picks these guys up on tour for their album release.

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