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The Good "Die Young" in Youngstown: Drifting Thing Fills us in

The Good "Die Young" in Youngstown: Drifting Thing Fills us in

When I was presented with the opportunity for the inside scoop on Drifting Thing, both feet left the ground. Jumping right in with Steven Wittkugle, formally of Dakota Spells Disaster, and lately of Awful Honesty - check out what big things are coming out of the local scene, and what’s next for Drifting Things after releasing debut single “Die Young” and signing to Recycled Hearts Records earlier this month.

Q: Before you answer our questions, we want to know… what should we want to know about Drifting Thing?

A: What should you want to know? Hm, as a musician I'm always interested in other musicians musical tastes, so maybe that.

Or maybe you should want to know about my favorite restaurants, I've got quite a few hidden gems on the list.

Did I answer this right? I feel like it's wrong.

Q: Your first single “Die Young” just dropped at the beginning of March. One month in… how has the perception and reception of it changed what you have in the works for the rest of the EP? Or has it?

A: The perception and reception of the single have been great. I've heard nothing but positive remarks, which is amazing. I actually initially wrote this song for my full band, Awful Honesty, and ended up liking the arrangement on my acoustic so much, it became the starter for an EP and eventually a full set of acoustic material.

As for if all that has changed what I have in store for the rest of the EP, I'd have to say that's going to be a yes and no answer. No - it hasn't changed which songs are on the EP, I've really fallen in love with the four songs I've been working on for this EP and feel like they'll be received well once released. Yes - the positive reception of Die Young has brought me a partnership with Recycled Hearts Records, so I'll be able to bring the EP to more people and release it on some cool platforms.

Q: Instead of asking what artists and bands inspired you, we’d much rather know, who are you trying to inspire?

A: I will be a bit cheesy and say the next generation of musicians. If I ever hear that one of my songs inspired someone to write music, I'll probably melt with joy. I'll also say, my songs are probably a bit sad for some, but to me they're cathartic. I know they say music is subjective and the listener hears what they want to hear, but I hope my songs will reach out to those having a tough time and provide some sort of stable anchor. There's always a new day and I hope that my music brings light to someone lost in the dark.

Q: What bands or artists would you like to play a show or go on tour with?

A: Vinnie Caruana, Tim Barry, Anthony Raneri, Chuck Ragan, to name a few.

The Homeless Gospel Choir would be awesome too.

I saw Steve Soboslai of Punchline do an acoustic set opening for Anthony Raneri from Bayside and it was a fantastic performance. I would have loved to have been in that line up.

Q: What can you tell us about the upcoming EP to get us and the readers excited? Throw us a bone!

A: Well, as I said, I've joined forces with Recycled Hearts Records so the EP will be available through them. I've been plugging away at these songs for a while now and the full EP is almost done.

The song titles are Die Young, None of Us, Irish Goodbye and WDYG? (in no particular order). Here's a quick breakdown of what the songs are about:

Die Young's about the feeling that only the good die young and how one day I couldn't shake that dark cloud and felt like I'd given up on myself, picked up the acoustic and out the lyrics came.

None Of Us is about the fact that, with all the information we're fed every day, no one really has a clue. We're all just scrambling daily trying to make sense of it all, and failing miserably at it.

Irish Goodbye is basically about how much I dislike parties. I've never been a social drinker, or a drinker in general, so sometimes functions like parties get a bit much for me and I tend to just pull the old Irish Goodbye and leave without saying anything.

WDYG? is about a close friend who drifted out of my life. We all know adult life is hectic and busy, so friendships are different, but this song is about when the friendship fades entirely.

Q: Before we let you go, plug your social media and let us know what’s on the horizon for you!

A: What's next is that I'm booking shows and playing out, of course. I've been in talks with a few other amazing local musicians and have small plans for a few split EP's I hope to put out this year as well.

The Die Young EP should be out before too long, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DriftingThingMusic/

Bandcamp: https://driftingthingmusic.bandcamp.com/releases

and you can check out my label mates Houseworth and Misery| Melody at Recycled Hearts Records website: https://www.recycledheartsrecords.com/

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