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Marina City's New Single "Addicted" Serves Pop With Attitude

If you’ve followed Marina City over any amount of time, you’ve got to watch real time maturity of ultra-talented Chicago rockers turned alt-pop anthem makers. The proof is simply in the pudding if you need to know where these labels are coming from, although, it’s not fair to put what Marina City does in any sort of box. As much as I could go on and on about their new track “Addicted”, I was lucky enough to get Marina City’s Ryan Argast to answer a few questions for Song Plug. Check out our Q&A with Ryan, and be sure to listen to “Addicted” below!

Song Plug: First and foremost, thanks for giving us the time to talk about this new single “Addicted”. It’s been so much fun hearing your sound evolve, and I was blindsided when Spotify included “Addicted” on my new release radar! Before we link the song below, walk us through the writing process that went into putting this bop together.

Marina City: Hell yeah, Spotify! Glad you like it! We started writing this song in December 2017. It was something we kept going back to over and over. There are so many edits of this song. The original demo was like if Nine Inch Nails did Disco haha. But once we started playing around with that bass line in the chorus it felt like the song wrote itself.

SP: And what’s the recipe to pull this one off live? I feel like you could perform it dozens of different ways and still make it fun.

MC: This song is tons of fun live. We extend the bridge and the end to let Todor (Lead guitarist) play 2 ripping solos. It makes the song go to another level. We are able to fuse dance, disco, pop, R&B, and rock all in one song. We genre bend all the time and I think that's why our live set is so much fun.

SP: You guys just sold out Chop Shop. How did the crowd react to the new single?

MC: It was as if we have been playing this song for years. They knew it like they grew up with Addicted. It was a really special moment for us. It's scary releasing something new but our fans ate it up. Makes us want to push more boundaries. 

SP: Ok so, don’t feel like you have to let any cats out of any bags if you have surprises planned… but what’s on the horizon for Marina City after “Addicted”?
MC: Phase 2. Expect everything to be even bigger.

SP: If each of you could pick an artist to cover “Addicted”, who would you pick?

MC: Prince, Janelle Monae, The Weekend, Justin Timberlake 

SP: Alright, I’m ready to listen to it for the thousandth time. Last words to our readers before they click play?

MC: Don’t be afraid to dance, flaunt whatever you got, and get rid of toxic people in your life

SP: Thanks a ton for both the time, and especially the music. Leave us with some links so we can stay connected with Marina City.

MC: Thank you so much!

Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter: @marinacityband