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Song Of The Month: April '19

Song Of The Month: April '19


Our goal here at Song Plug is to consistently deliver songs you’ll be sure to fall in love with. Every month our contributors decided it was best to share our favorite songs we’ve discovered, with you. We are happy to present to you the Song of The Month:


            Let’s be honest; we all go through periods of time where we find that one song that really grabs our attention and we jam it every day. This month’s spotlight shines on a band called Sleep In, based out of Haddon Heights, New Jersey. “I Do Know and I’m Not Sorry” is this month’s song of the month, coming off their 2014 album titled “Settling”. Currently, Sleep In is on Know Hope Records and have a new LP being released on March 22nd, 2019 titled “The Stars On Your Ceiling”. This song is a catch within the first seconds of the track, with the catchy guitar tones and the tappin’ your foot, rocking your head, drums. Perhaps it stands out so much because it has quite the Akron music scene feel, reminding you of a Baby Bear, or Stiletto song. These guys are not worth Sleep In, on. (See what I did there).



            I won’t lie, I had a song picked out for this article the moment the idea came out of the thinktank. Easy pick, right? What song has been stuck on repeat lately? If you listen to music regularly, you have a song in this slot. If you write articles for a music blog, these songs might even define entire eras in your life.

            My song this month isn’t that song… YET. Every other song I’ve ever jammed by The Chemical Brothers however, has snaked it’s way into a playlist or two. That’s exactly what happened the day I sat down to write this. Spotify’s new release radar dialed me into the legendary electronic duo from Manchester, England’s new track. “We’ve Got To Try” is the third single dropped off the first TCB album in three years; expected early April. The best part? “We’ve Got To Try” is a collaborative work for Formula 1! Which, by the way, is absolutely perfect for the track. Sounding like what you’d expect on a Need For Speed soundtrack, this electro-bop is a certified Lay’s Potato Chip song. You cannot settle for one listen. Sampled vocals, ambient background, and intricate sharp stab-y synth flood over that signature drum and bass expected out of a Chemical Brothers track to deliver a tune you can exercise, drive, game, or (especially) party to. At the time of draft, “We’ve Got To Try” song is up to a cool half-million listens on Spotify. At least 250k of those are me. Oh, and by the way… the music video has an adorable dog. If you’re not here for this, why are you even on the internet?



            It ain't Lizzo's fault that she's out here lookin' cute, and I can relate. That's why my current favorite song is “Juice,” by Lizzo. If you're not already a fan of Lizzo, I honestly don't know what you're doing with your life. “Juice” is a fantastic, fun song about living your best life with a colorful, quirky, delightful music video to go along with it. And if you haven't seen her performance on Ellen, stop what you're doing immediately and go. No spoilers, but I will say there's a surprise at the end. Anyways, listen to “Juice,” you won't regret it. I know I don't.



My song of the month is a song that got released a few days ago. The folk rock band Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties release the song “Running Towards the Light”. Aaron West is the alter ego of The Wonder Year’s Daniel “Soupy” Campbell. The song starts with a brass driven intro. The horns eventually cut through over the acoustics and the drums. The verse is nothing but Soupy’s brash vocals and a acoustic guitar. The chorus swells with the brass section and the gang vocals that instantly get stuck in your head. In the bridge the instruments hold back and let Soupy’s vocals shine as he dedicates it to important people in Aaron’s life. He just wants his close ones to be proud of him. The song appeals to the masses, and music fans of any genre can get something out of this jam.



For the month of my favorite song could be debated, but for later article-worthy material I’ll leave “Murder On My Mind” out of this. My choice has to be “Be Like Me” by Lil Pump ft Lil Wayne. Now before you start hating, take that somewhere else. I’ve followed Pump since his beginnings, literally, right before his video for “D-Rose” dropped I heard the song and needed a visual. This song shows his growth as a composer (not so much his SoundCloud rap side), And is the PERFECT Spring time jam to blast with the windows down! The Lil Wayne feature is a 5 Star bonus to me because Wayne is a GOAT and even gives it a new age vibe, although Wayne is timeless. Good song for a party and needs added to your Spring/Summer playlist.



A song that's been revisited too many times to count this month for me is "Hereafter" by Architects. This track can be found on Holy Hell, the band's 8th studio album which released last year. They've had about 12 years as a band to refine their sound, which fits in the forefront of what some might call the "new age" of metalcore. A movement that's been paved by heavy, down-tuned aggression, ambient synth & guitar melodies, and groove-oriented riffage. This song pretty much exemplifies what the new crop of metalcore has to offer. "Hereafter" leads off with a gentle intro blending with clean vocal melody, diving suddenly into driving, bouncy verse riffs, big drums, and even bigger choruses that feature a mean progression crashing against a huge ethereal blend of piano, synth and ambient guitar melodies. What definitely sets this song, and by extension, this band as a whole, apart from the pack is their vocalist, Sam Carter. Both his cleans, as well as his screams, leave absolutely nothing on the table. Carter displays primal, unhinged screams, as well as cleans containing an extreme vocal fry reminiscent of Chester Bennington, but to a level even the late Linkin Park frontman never achieved. A violent desperation that adds and extra depth of emotion to every song.


If you haven't yet experienced Architects, you can check out the video for "Hereafter" below, and browse their entire discography on Spotify. I highly recommend both!

Thanks for checking out our first monthly installment of “Song of the Month”. We’ll be plugging new songs every month that have been heavy in our rotation, so be sure to check back in for your dose!

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