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Song Plug's 2019 Billboard Prediction Results

Song Plug's 2019 Billboard Prediction Results

As mentioned yesterday in our previous article, some of us here at Song Plug have put our psychic abilities to the test and predicted the winners of each Billboard music award. As promised, the winner will be announced at the end of this article, but first here's a quick recap of all the dazzling performances from last night. The Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas Nevada was host to fifteen different phenomenal musical guests. The show filled the better part of three hours with hit after hit interspersed with the presentation of an array of awards. The performances and the awards spanned multiple genres, appealing to many different fan bases.


In a spectacular blend of pastel colors and subtle sparkle, Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie opened the show with an upbeat, happy bang. On a stage set to resemble their most recent music video, Swift and Urie performed their newest hit Me! The two captivated the star-studded audience as they delivered a strong vocal performance while playfully dancing around the stage and hovering above the crowd.


Next was one of my favorite performances of the night. It was a medley of nominated songs sung by the night's host, Kelly Clarkson. Clarkson moved across the stage and throughout the audience as she seamlessly slid from hit to hit, showing each artist the respect, they deserve. A feat only the most talented vocalists could pull of so masterfully.


Kelly Clarkson may have been a hard act to follow, but Halsey absolutely nailed it. If you haven't seen her perform “Without Me” with professional dancer Jade Chenoweth, then you're missing out. Last night they performed it together once again, expertly navigating the stage in a beautiful interoperative dance. Halsey's vocals were spot on, and Chenoweth's dance moves were emotional and sensual in a way that perfectly matched the theme of the song.


Following Halsey was Ciara who slayed a dance routine inspired by the late Michael Jackson. There's no doubting the fact that Ciara sounded great, but this was one of the most visually stunning performances of the night. Dressed in a slick black suit, donning a wide brimmed hat, her vocals were flawless, and the dance routine really sold her performance of “Thinkin Bout You.”


In a more stripped down, subdued performance, Dan & Shay and Tori Kelly stood on stage and effortlessly gave us a beautiful rendition of the track “Speechless.” Both Tori Kelly, and Dan & Shay are impressive vocalists, a face that was made clear last night. For them it wasn't about the theatrics, they won the crowd over with their vocal talent alone.


The Jonas Brothers have reunited and managed to put on a remarkably exciting performance. It started with Nick Jonas alone on a small stage doing “Jealous.” Eventually Joe joined in and they then moved on to a a Jonas Brother's rendition of DNCE's “Cake by the Ocean” and eventually joined Kevin on stage for an impressive performance of their latest single Sucker. Confirmed: The Jonas brothers have still got it and could definitely still get it.


Following the Jonas Brothers was Khalid. In his typical style, he came out on stage dressed simply with a huge smile on his face. No matter which song he's performing or what show he's performing it on, he never fails to look like he's having the time of his life, and the feeling is contagious. Watching him is always a treat and last night he didn't disappoint. He performed his hit singles “Talk,” and “Better,” and had everyone on their feet.


Although Ariana Grande is currently on her Sweetner/Thank U Next world tour and was unable to be in attendance for the award show, they aired a remote performance of 7 Rings from her tour stop. It was as great as I expected it to be. I had the pleasure of attending the tour in Cleveland earlier this year and it was fantastic. During 7 Rings she and her talented backup dancers do their thing while using an old pink car as a prop.


Next to perform was Madonna with Maluma. Prior to this performance I'd never heard the song Medellin, and I wasn't aware of Maluma, but the song is fun and so was the performance. Maluma held his own on stage with Madonna, and the crowd seemed to enjoy it.


Following Madonna could be stressful, but not for Lauren Daigle. I didn't think I was familiar with any of her music, but I was wrong. Her song “You Say” is incredibly popular and I've definitely heard it on pop radio. She delivered one of the strongest vocal performances of the night, and her stage presence was simple and powerful.


The most anticipated performance of the night was Mariah Carey's Icon Award medley. During this medley she sang of her greatest hits including; A No No, Endless Love, Emotions, We Belong Together, and Hero. It's not a secret that her voice isn't as strong and versatile as it used to be, but she did a great job choosing the right songs and changing them to make the vocals fit her current capabilities. Her Icon Award medley was a flawless representation of her greatest hits, and an impressive performance based on her current abilities.


One of the only artists that sounds better live than recorded is Panic! At the Disco. Their performance last night of “Hey Look Ma I Made It” was a prime example of Brendon Urie's excellent vocal abilities. Accompanied by his touring band and a bunch of people with brass instruments, he confidently strutted across the stage for one of the best performances of the night.


Just before the end of the show, host Kelly Clarkson took the stage for a second time with a chorus of children to perform her new single “Broken and Beautiful” from the upcoming movie “Ugly Dolls.” As usual, Kelly Clarkson's vocal abilities were untouchable. The performance was enchanting and uplifting and had some of the audience members in tears.


Easily the most enthusiastic and energetic performance of the night was “Boy With Love” by BTS and Halsey. They sounded great, they looked great, and their dance moves were perfectly in sync. The audience went wild and everybody had a good time.


Closing out the show was the legendary Paula Abdul. Was she lip singing? Yes. Did I care? No. At 56 years old she can dance better than I can walk and that's impressive enough for me. I'm not going to pretend I'm familiar enough with her discography to go through each song she performed, but she did Opposites Attract with the animated cat and it was awesome.


As far as the awards portion of the show went, Drake was the big winner. He took home a total of twelve awards surpassing Taylor Swift as the artist to win the most in one night. But who here at Song Plug was our biggest winner? With a total of 25 correct predictions each, both James and Jocelyn have won bragging rights, and the shared title of the most psychic of us all.


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Song Plug Writers Predict 2019 Billboard Music Awards

Song Plug Writers Predict 2019 Billboard Music Awards