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Song Of The Month June

Song Of The Month June

Drake - Money In The Grave ft. Rick Ross

Fresh off a championship in Toronto, Drake celebrated by dropping off 2 news tracks in “The Best In The World Pack”. Josie has “Omertà” covered, so I’ll dive into “Money In The Grave”. Immediately when I seen the Rick Ross feature I was hype because these two have combined to make some pretty good bangers (Made Men, Aston Martin Music, etc.). The beat starts really heavy and when it drops it turns into a whole vibe, and gives you the perfect tune to bop to in your car, cleaning, or whatever time really! Drake slides on the beat effortlessly per usual and Ross really delivered a solid feature. 8 out of 10 on a scale and I highly recommended checking it out!





Drake - Omerta

Let’s just start off by making it clear that Drake doesn’t just have a song for every mood, he makes a song for every mood. Immediately the beat gives you Mob Tie vibes as he reaffirms the dangerous relationships and the danger of testing him at this point in his career. Boasting with bars like “The mind controller, the Ayatollah. I built a bridge to success and had visions of me ridin’ over”, Drake isn’t feeling too humble after the championship win and it resulted in one of the wettest songs to come out in a minute. In the wake of the Raptors win, he made a statement by shouting out Our Very Own - Lebron James and then comparing their journeys to that of Michael Jordan and Jackson. And he makes it known that the success he has built for himself isn’t to be messed with. “Borderline dangerous, approach with caution. I plan to buy your most personal belongings when they up for auction. Man, truth be told, I think about it often”. Stay away with the Drake hate, we don’t have time for it anymore!




Marshmellow (ft. A Day To Remember) – Rescue Me

My song of the month is the collaboration with DJ Marshmello and our favorite post-hardcore boys…  A Day to Remember. A mash up I would have never thought would work, but it does. The music has elements of both artist and just meshes incredibly well. Jeremy McKinnons signature vocals combined with Marshmello’s impressive DJ skills makes this an anthem for your summer. Not to the mention how well done the video is, you’ll feel like you’re on a episode of lost. 10/10 would recommend giving this jam a listen. It’ll be stuck in you’re head all day.






City and Colour – What Makes A Man

Rain rain go away!

The month of June has been a stressful one for me, personally. However, life is what happens when you’re too busy making other plans. Lately I’ve had to take a step back and make time for myself. Since I’ve been doing that, I’ve fallen back on an artist I’ve been listening to for at least 10 years now. That artist is, of course, City and Colour. Bring Me Your Love, in my opinion is a flawless album; an album I find myself escaping to more often then not. Listen to it. Re-listen to it.

My song for this piece is “What Makes A Man”






Kesha – Rich, White, Straight Men

If there's one sentiment I find myself pondering on a daily basis, it's this: “What if rich, white, straight men didn't rule the world anymore?” And that's why Kesha's latest single, Rich, White, Straight Men is my pick for June's song of the month. It's a song for people who are fed up. The music is playful, and Kesha delivers the lyrics in a way that let's listeners know she's tired of the world rich, white, straight men have created, and the systems and laws they have upheld. It's fun, it has attitude, and it sounds like it belongs in a musical about overthrowing the government and smashing the patriarchy.




Kinsey – Hot Mess

Every time you write a song in a three beat timing, you open the door to inject a lot of attitude and snarkiness. Kinsey does exactly this with “Hot Mess” by effortlessly crooning through the verses nonchalantly despite the provocative subject matter in the lyrics. Where “Hot Mess” shines is in the vocal runs of the chorus. The note bending into near vibrato in “Hot” stalls out like a jet, only to kick back in with “Mess”. Accompanied by a fun note progression and sealing the deal with some head-space notes, Kinsey weaves in and out of an otherwise standard structed pop hit with more James Deanesque coolness, while still finding room to showcase the talent needed to pull of a slow sexy jam like “Hot Mess”


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