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PFV and Rula Gunz Collab For New PFV Album “Progression”

PFV and Rula Gunz Collab For New PFV Album “Progression”

Akron rapper PFV released his 10th studio album “Progression” on June 21st. This album features many versatile records, one of which is “Run Away” which happens to be PFV and Rula Gunz 8th collaboration. They never fail to effortlessly catch a vibe and immortalize it in a song, and “Run Away” was no exception. In light of the album’s release PFV has released 3 music videos from records off of the album “Supernova”, “Over the Clouds” and “Progression” and Rula is currently streaming an official lyric video for “Run Away”. With them both being local to Akron we had the opportunity to ask them for some insight on working together and got PFV to further discuss his album “Progression” with us.


Rula Gunz

Q: What was the inspiration behind “Run Away”:

A: I started writing the record on my own a couple weeks before approaching PFV with it. I had the general idea and concept then we co-wrote in studio to finalize. Essentially it’s about being with someone that you know is toxic or unhealthy for you but not being strong enough to end things yourself; basically hoping they will just Run Away.

Q: How did you and PFV meet?

A: Matt’s lowkey one of my closest friends. We actually grew up in the same city but didn’t even meet each other until 2017 when he was looking for opening acts for his annual birthday show hosted at The Vortex in Akron. A friend of mine suggested I try to get on the show, I checked him out and really vibed with his style. He agreed to let me on the show and a couple months before the show we dropped our first collab record “Lies”. We’ve since released 7 additional collaborations.

Q: What is your take on the new PFV album “Progression”?

A: Personally I think its phenomenal. PFV is a very versatile artist as it is but typically his albums will try to follow a certain genre in my opinion; with Progression he kind of gave you a little bit of everything!

Q: Any plans on future releases?

A: As of right now I’m looking to find myself, not only as an artist but as a person. Anyone who’s followed my music thus far can see how much I’ve progressed but I can’t seem to find what I would consider “my sound” so at this moment I’m just writing as much as I can and hope to have some new music out as soon as possible!

Q: What’s it like working with PFV?

A: Matt is one of the best musicians to work with hands down. He keeps it business oriented while still having a good time. I’ve never approached him with a record that he didn’t kill!

Q: Will there be a Run Away music video?

A: There will! The release date is TBA but it’s actually already been filmed and everything! Dude was on it with this new album for sure.



Q: What makes progression the best PFV album to date?

A: Progression is the most cohesive and sonically pleasing album I have ever created. It is the first album I took an extensive period of time creating. Some songs were made in a single night and some were started a year ago and just now completed. The album shows my growth as a man equally as my growth as an artist. It was my first album after my mom passed away, so there's a lot of emotion involved.

Q: What's it like working with Rula Gunz?

A: I always have fun working with Mark. We've created a handful of songs together and we always have a blast. He's really good at writing melodies and then I'll help construct the song. We used to write records and then get them to play them in the club the night we made them and no one in the club would believe it was Mark. There's always a funny story every time we make a song together.

Q: What's your favorite song on the new album and why?

A: I have two favorites. "Out of my Control" because it's the song I wrote and released the day my mom died and I am firmly convinced (obviously due to my own bias) that it's the greatest emotional song ever created. "Over the Clouds" is my second favorite because it's a very happy song and shows that I was somehow able to get back into a happy place in my life after the depressing year I've had.

Q: I know you personally engineer all of your own music and film/edit all of your own videos; what kind of dedication did it take to learn how to do all of that?

A: It takes YEARS to learn. The journey is a beautiful thing though. Once you make yourself self sufficient you can do anything, and knowing that helps you grow at a rapid pace. It takes an insane amount of dedication and you have to be fueled and obsessed. You have to work for years without hardly receiving any payment or recognition for your work, but you can't be doing it for "recognition and payment." You have to do it because you love it or else you'll fall off.

Q: Now that the new album is out, what's next on your agenda?

A: I'm currently working on music videos and new ways to promote this album. I'm currently working out a deal with a management company to seek film and radio placements, book more shows, and eventually seek some sort of record deal. I already have 5 music videos done, so expect a plethora of visuals in the weeks to come.

Run Away lyric video: https://youtu.be/Zq6vQe9goUo

Over the Clouds music video: https://youtu.be/y33HHRRVcME

PFV Twitter: https://twitter.com/mattPFV

Rula Gunz Twitter: https://twitter.com/RulaGunz

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