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Review: "Memphis" from Bare Walls drops ahead of regional tour

Review: "Memphis" from Bare Walls drops ahead of regional tour

If you haven’t already read our exclusive Q&A with Bare Walls ahead of the official release (along with the lyric video), be sure to check it out HERE!

Take Me To The Desert
And Let Me Dry
I Can’t Take It
Can’t Take It When My Lover Sees Death in My Eyes...
— "Memphis" -2:46

Before jumping into a midwest regional tour, Akron alternative rockers Bare Walls officially dropped their newest single “Memphis” today, and if you haven’t already clicked play at the top of the article… that’s exactly where you want to start.

“Memphis” roots from a story of empathy with overcoming addiction as well as overcoming personal challenges and using the experience of outpatient therapy as a spark for bigger, better, and more positive things. “Luckily, I wasn’t there because of a heroin or other opiate related problems, but most people were. This was the first time I had ever seen that struggle up close and personal; it only increased my empathy for those that go through this.” lead singer Zach Schubert told SongPlug. He continues: “At the very least, that week in Memphis was a huge catalyst that brought about a new path in my life towards positive changes and growth that I have attempted to stay on ever since.”

Where “Memphis” really wins big is in it’s duality. For seven minutes you are eased into a trance by ambient calm guitar tones that do an excellent job at laying the foundation for what is a very vocal heavy story-teller track. On the other hand, the drums provide personality and the kind of “Salt and Pepper” that every dish (track) needs to not be one-dimensional.

The lyrics do a wonderful job of speaking from “Memphis”, but not the music and entertainment hub, but the rehab facility. “There’s no desert in Memphis, so I’ll sit here and wait out my time” close out a strong crescendo where the instruments rise to meet the passion that vocals have now put on the frontlines.

Whether you’re looking for a track to attach and connect to to bleed out your own parallels, or a calming spaced out alternative sound without the extra mud of overproduction; there is something for everyone in “Memphis”. Except a desert.

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Bare Walls Tease Us With "Memphis" Lyric Video In Exclusive Q&A

Bare Walls Tease Us With "Memphis" Lyric Video In Exclusive Q&A