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Ryan Cassata Releasing New Single & Going on National Tour

If you're looking for a great new track to stream this Friday, look no further than Ryan Cassata's latest single “Bamboo Plants.” Cassata is a singer-songwriter, and a transgender LGBTQ activist. After the success of his song “Daughter” which was released in 2018, he's no stranger to releasing music with queer themes. “Daughter” is a song about coming out as trans and how it affected the relationship with his father, and queer romance is at the center of “Bamboo Plants.”


Often when the LGBTQ community is represented in media, it involves the discrimination that it's members  face. The discrimination is, of course, valid and incredibly important. However, for members of the community it can be refreshing to hear a song, or watch a music video, and see nothing but LGBTQ people happily living out their day to day lives. And that's my favorite part about “Bamboo Plants.” The song is about getting caught up and whisked away by your own love story, and the music video depicts a queer couple meeting for coffee, falling in love, and moving in together. The imagery is sure to put a smile on your face, and a flutter in your heart.


Fans of Cassata will recognize his music style instantly. A soft melody played by an acoustic guitar accompanied by the sweet sound of strings give the track subtle bluegrass vibes. And then there's Ryan's vocals which are just as smooth as ever. Just the slightest bits of twang and rasp to add to the mood of the song. If you're new here and you haven't yet listened to his music, “Bamboo Plants” is the perfect place to start.


If you like what you hear, be sure to check out the information below because starting on August 28th, you can catch Ryan Cassata on tour. He's hitting cities all along the west coast and then heading south to perform in places that don't often see LGBTQ representation. He'll even be giving speeches in some of the locations in hopes of spreading awareness and education in regards to being transgender. Again, if this is something you're interested in, check out the links below and be sure to give “Bamboo Plants” a listen.