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Enough is Enough: The Local Mood

Enough is Enough: The Local Mood

You ever just been over it? You feelin’ over it right now? Good because I have the perfect track that describes every Facebook post you’ve seen in the past 3 weeks from, you guessed it, some locals. I also got the insight on the track and the word on what’s next from the artists themselves, check it out below!




Q: How long have you know Smitty and where’d you meet?

I’ve known him for a grip. I met him at the vortex and I’ve been performing there since 15 and I’m 22 now so somewhere between there, It’s been a G R I P.

Q: How many times have you and Smitty worked together?

This is the first time we’ve worked together actually but it’s been in the works for a grippo. You’ll definitely hear him on my tracks in the future.

Q: Tell me a little bit about the brainstorming that happened behind the track

Uhm not really much brainstorming. He hit me with the track and told me to do what I wanted. I heard the reference track and got busy wit it. When I was in the studio, i just wanted to add my flavor wherever I could while still keeping the lyrical ability there. So that’s where the verse and layers came from.

Q: What can you tell us about what inspired that “Enough is Enough” attitude?

It’s really just the idea that I know what I deserve and he does too. We both got our own styles and we can go up with the best of em lyrically. I haven’t dropped much this past year but still, it’s time for some different sounds to hit the airwaves. Too much bullshit going around.

Q: What’s in the works, tell me about joint or solo projects you’re working on?

I got some thangs goin on when it comes to the project side of things but I’ll be dropping singles here soon along with some videos. All I can say is that I’m taking time on my music to give it the flavor and sound that I believe it needs. Just know that it’s coming and it’s worth the wait

Q: Do you have a track on plan with him now?

I do got a track I’m working on for a collab and that mf gone smack something retarded.




Q:What do you want people to know about your album?

My album is of the same basis as all of my music. Its emotion skill rap I like to call it. I’m big on word play and the skill of the artform but I also dig from my emotions and life for it.

Q: How long have you been putting it together?

The process was about 4 months. But I’m always writing and making music. So it always ongoing.


 Q: What made you want to work with Kuyahn?

I got respect for Kuyahn. He’s a good artist with a good mindset. And it shows in his music. I’m very picky bout who I do feats with. I don’t do feats with the artist that I think jus do music for a hobby or part time. I only wanna work with the ones that I feel take it serious and practice they craft. Also he is content based which I feel is a big part too. He actually has a message in his music.


Q:  What’s up next for you?

The same thing as yesterday. Try to take over the world lol. I jus try to elevate my mind and music everyday every project. So hopefully it jus keeps getting bigger and bigger. I have a couple big things in the works all I can do is wait and see.


You can listen to the track here:

…and the FULL Feature Presentation here:

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