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Exclusive Q&A: Funeral Proposals

Thanks to the blessing that is PorchRokr, I had the pleasure of stumbling on a new local band that not only has my attention, but my interest. Read through my interview with Funeral Proposals below, check out their new music video and take a listen to what they’ve got going on Spotify!


You probably get this a lot, but when I think of Funeral Proposals I expected a hardcore band, how did you guys come up with the name?

Funeral Proposals is a name that Ryan (NEW what does Ryan do?) came up with in 7th grade! When we were in gym class together we would always talk about making a band. I remember Ryan coming into the locker room one day and suggesting the name “Funeral Proposals” and I loved it — it just stuck. We were trying to write a lot heavier music at the beginning so that can explain why the name sounds a bit darker. But I still love it!


Definitely a super dope name! So one of the first things I have to ask because I’m obsessed with the range of influential sounds I think I hear, who are some bands you guys look up to:

 We really look up to bands like The Strokes, Ty Segall, Wavves, and Vundabar. We love a LOT of music though — those bands definitely inspire our sound. Bands that inspired us to start playing music in the first place are band like My Chemical Romance, Arctic Monkeys, and Weezer.


I’m a huge Strokes fan and I caught those vibes! You guys have a great mix of new and old indie vibes. How do you think they helped you shape your sound?

Bands like The Strokes really inspire the guitars and we try to let Vundabar inspire our songwriting. We look up to both of those bands a lot.


That’s awesome! How did you get involved with PorchRokr?

We TECHNICALLY weren’t apart of PorchRokr this year, we just played like in the middle of it. (But we love PorchRokr and hope to be a part of it next year)


That… is… GENIUS! Y’all just came out and set up shop and to get your sound out there? The owner’s of Highland Throwbacks were cool with it?

Yes, Highland Throwbacks gave us the opportunity to play in their lot and we were really happy with it! We were almost dead center in the middle of the all the action that day. We had a lot of fun and are thankful for the opportunity.

A fan we were talking to said you guys just got back from a tour? Tell me about that!

We went on tour this year through Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Richmond, VA, North and South Carolina, Louisville, KY and then a bit around Ohio. It was great! We loved playing in Richmond. VA; Wilmington, NC; and Columbus, OH. We really love being on the road and hope to return to those cities soon!


That sounds like an awesome tour! What was the energy like in the different cities?

That’s an interesting question because a lot of cities surprised us with turnout and energy. Richmond, VA and Wilmington, NC had a really interesting crowd! They were excited and interested in what WE were doing, which is always what we want. The Louisville DIY scene is always amazing to us.



What’s the release timeline of the music you have on Spotify? Did you release Lizards before the Blue Deluxe EP released and then Beach Song after that?

 Lizards was our first single before putting out our EP Blue Deluxe. Then we released Beach Song like a year after that. Beach Song was a song we had written a long time ago and kind of left behind. It somehow came back and stuck!


What do you have in the works?

 Right now we’re working on our first album and hope to have that out sometime next year. We just released our video for “Beach Song” and we’re all super psyched about that. We hope to Akron’s attention as soon as possible and play some shows here and surrounding areas. We love our city.


I like what you have going on a lot! Releasing a new music video is super exciting, what was it like making that come to life?

The Beach Song video was really fun for everyone to be a part of and I think that’s easy to see in the final product. The song is simply just fun, and that’s what translated to the video. It’s really cool to see our ideas come to life in the video. We do work hard on it and have a specific vision for our music. I think we did a good job putting our ideas how we want them in the video.



What do you want the people reading this to know?

I want people to know how much we love to write music and play shows. We want people to have fun when they listen to our music. We’re an “indie” rock band but we want to seem as individualistic as possible. Our shows will be high energy, exciting, and just be a place where we can all go nuts.


Thank you for taking time to interview with us! We will definitely have our eyes peeled for new vibes from you guys!