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You're Not Ready For the Hella Mega Tour

If you've ever dreamed of seeing Weezer, Green Day, and Fall Out Boy on tour together, you may be in luck. Over the past month, evidence and rumors have been trickling through the Internet, and it appears this Tuesday we'll find out for sure what's going down.


Last night Twitter user @sarahjocarl was handed a flier outside of the Fillmore in Philadelphia. It was black with black and white font that looked as if it had been cut from a magazine. In small font at the top was the phrase “Hella Mega” and underneath in bigger font were the names “Green Day, Fall Out Boy, and Weezer.” Nothing else. Around the same time, Twitter user @MystiCave tweeted a picture of a shirt she had received in the the mail. The Shirt had Fall Out Boy's Last of the Real Ones lyrics “Tell me I'm the only one even if it's not true” on it, along with “Weezer” and a group picture of the four members of Fall Out Boy. There's also a picture floating around of a shirt with the three members of Green Day on it with “Fall Out Boy” printed above it (I tried and failed to figure out where this one originated). Of course, after these three images were posted, the three fan bases banned together and went into full detective mode.


In the r/Weezer subreddit, a user by the name sarahjocarll who claims to be @sarahjocarl on Twitter explained that she was handed the flier after seeing The Real Friends. She said the people who were handing them out were random and had nothing to say about them except “stay tuned.” It's also mentioned that some other people had seen similar fliers in other cities such as Chicago, although nobody's been able to confirm this with any real evidence. Another reddit user, StarLordAndTheAve in the same subreddit claims that about a month ago, someone mentioned the possibility of the three bands touring together in the r/GreenDay subreddit and nobody believed them, however recently another user claimed that their friend works for NBC Philly and could confirm that there is definitely going to be at least one show happening with Green Day and Weezer together. Meanwhile, Twitter user @LiamGDC posted screenshots from the Green Day forums where a user stated that the radio station 103.3 WEDG FM in Buffalo had announced that all three bands would be releasing new music on Tuesday, and then the host digressed saying he wasn't supposed to mention anything. On the same forums it was pointed out that all three bands are currently operating under Crush Management, and in a recent interview, Rivers Cuomo of Weezer had been asked who favorite bands is are and he answered Fall Out Boy and Green Day.


And if that information isn't enough to get you excited, yesterday Rainn Wilson who is apparently a huge Green Day fan posted a video of himself drinking coffee on Instagram with the caption “Self love is important: staremoji:” to which Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day commented “ @rivers_cuomo @petewentz hella mega.”



So, is the Hella Mega Tour real, and are Green Day, Weezer, and Fall Out Boy really going on a world tour together? I have no idea. But if you want to be further informed, I'd suggest following the Twitter account @HellaMegaTour which was created in June of 2019, or you can try your hand at cracking the password at which is currently just looping an Office gif of Dwight looking into the camera making a shushing motion. And if you really want to get into it, you can join the dedicated pop-punk Internet sleuth's who are currently browsing the 55,000 lines of code that the site has to offer.


If you're like me and you're hella mega pumped about the possibility of the Hella Mega Tour, check back next week as we keep you up to date on any further rumors or facts, we're able to track down.



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