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KidEyes Sits Down With Us To Show Us The World Through Their Lens Ahead Of Self-Titled EP

Ahead of the launch of their self titled EP, KidEyes gave SongPlug the chance to sit down and talk over everything from their new music, to their residency in LA. Read our conversation below and most importantly check out the music video for “Malibu” at the bottom to hold you over until the EP drops!


SongPlug: Thanks for taking time to answer some questions with us! Between the Self Titled debut EP and a residency at The Hi Hat in LA, it’s been a pretty busy year.

BE: we’re only just getting started!  We already have EP #2 recorded and we’re constantly creating new music so going into 2020 we’ll have no shortage of releases along with lots and lots of touring.

SP: We always like getting to link up with artists on the west coast, with our blog being based in the mid-west. How would you describe your sound for our readers who haven’t heard KidEyes before?

BE: Always a tough one to describe!  We like to think we’re truly a sum of all our influences. Sonically we take from a lot of genres + styles, but thematically and lyrically much of the music represents California dreamin’ and the lifestyle of a struggling artist in the city of Los Angeles.  It’s a life that many can relate to w/ a lot of self doubt, personal struggle but with the need to overcome these self destructive thoughts to persevere into ultimate triumph. 

SP: How has LA crowd responded to your sets so far? What’s your favorite track to play on your residency?

BE: KidEyes launched less than a year ago - that said, we have been floored w/ the response from the LA community in such a short amount of time.  To us, the stage is where we have to leave it all on the table. It’s a vulnerable place where all we can bring is personality and attitude. It doesn't have to be perfect and can be different each night  - which ultimately helps breed unique shows each night.

Favorite song to play keeps evolving night to night but for me it’s between Malibu, Spellbound or Take Me Back in Time.  

SP: What can we expect off the EP dropping October 4th?

BE:  This EP is a collection of the early themes in our (Ben +Greg)  musical partnership (Self doubt, wonder, and triumph). Some of these songs were written a few years ago at a rather strange time in both of our lives. We both met following band breakups and I think we both were even wondering if we had it in us to keep making music.  This EP captures a window into our personal struggles and to me it’s just honest. I remember in the infancy of recording - i told myself, i don’t care if noone ever hears these songs - that at the end of the day, I’m just proud.

KidEyes drop their new Self-Titled EP on 10/4/19

KidEyes drop their new Self-Titled EP on 10/4/19

SP: How did the powers that be come together to form KidEyes? How has working together so far been?

GC: Well, it began with one door closing, while another one was opening. Ben and I were both coming off of painful band break-ups.  But neither of us were ready to call it a career and move on to something completely different. One night I went to dinner with a good friend/manager to seek out her advice on what my next move should be.  She gave me two tasks - get this book called The Artist’s Way, and call this number. So the next day I bought the book, and called the number. And she was right, we work great together! 

SP: Who contributed what on the music so far? What does the songwriting process look like?

GC: It’s a total collaboration.  One of us will bring a rough melody or lyrical idea to the table.  From there, Ben is the producer and will start producing the track. We’ll then collaborate on the lyrics, and then I will sing the vocals. Like baking bread! 

KidEyes2 (1).jpg

SP: What’s next after residency and EP? Any plans we should keep our eye out for?

BE: we have lofty goals and we’re trying to move quickly.  come 2020 we’ll be grinding on the road and hope to be a significant part of festival season! (we love to play)

SP: We appreciate the fill in. Before we link some music below, can you hook us up with the links to all the social and audio platforms so our readers can follow more.


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SP: We appreciate it so much. We’ll keep our ears peeled on 10/4 for the Self-Titled EP, and you keep your eyes peeled for the review!

Be sure to follow KidEyes above and check out their newly released video for “Malibu” below!