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Review: The Lumineers "Sparks - Chapters I & II"

When a band can make you forget the difference between their EP and regularly produced album, you know you’ve found something great. The Lumineers did just that, TWICE. JUST THIS YEAR. Teasing their upcoming album, The Lumineers have dropped two separate chapters titled “Gloria Sparks” and “Jordan Sparks”. Each chapter has 3 songs, and the band has been releasing emotive music videos detailing the story of different members of the Sparks family and alcoholism. Chapter I revolves around Gloria, followed by her grandson Junior, and the final chapter will revolve around her son, Jimmy. Together, the fictional family illustrates “the love between an addict and her family” says singer, Wesley Schultz. But what is truly incredible is that each song maintains its controlled individuality which is descriptive of the band itself. You know those bands that change their sound to try and keep up with the atmosphere of the music industry and just miss the mark? They’re not one of them. (former and/or current emos, you’d be offended by the google results of said question) The Lumineers have a way of explaining multiple different instances in your life by forcing elusive emotion into songs that even when they don’t relate to you specifically, somehow, they can? Maybe that’s just my interpretation.

Their upcoming album, III, will be released September 13th, with the premier of the video series taking place at TIFF, the Toronto International Film Festival.  Take a look below at the videos that have been released so far:




Life In The City:

It Wasn’t Easy To Be Happy For You:

Left For Denver:


You can watch the trailer for the complete videos series here:



Andddd you can check the tour dates that they have in the US here. A certain member of Song Plug will be there.


One more thing for our UK/Europe fans, in which I will be there in spirit -


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