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Recap Blog: Akron PorchRokr 2019

This was my first year going to Porchrokr as a member of something as cool as Song Plug so I had a bit of extra excitement! Little did I know I was gonna experience one of my favorite events/shows to date.

I’m all about vibes and Saturday, August 17th 2019 gave me every vibe available! From seeing high school friends, to seeing parents watching their kids perform for a crowd of people with a look of awe in their face. Highland Square is always a good time but Porchrokr is the bees knees when it comes to things that go on there. Food trucks were out and there wasn’t a single place you could go without hearing music! The bars were packed and the streets were even more crowded. Fellow team member Josie and I got a group of friends and headed off to see how much we could accomplish and we did just as expected. Met new faces from tons of local bands, and like I said before met some parent’s too! Came with Song Plug cards and pins that were a hit! Nobody came with an ill mind and it was a beautiful sight all through the side streets and W. Market St. We made our first stop at the Raycade and started with a few drinks and some ski ball. Not to brag or anything but I broke the high score on Space Invaders. (Totally bragging.) We ran into a few more friends and continued through the streets.

Now me personally, I love an environment that I can hear music drown out the previous music you just passed. Almost like a surprise shuffle playlist. The heat made it hard because it was pretty hot but I brought my handy dandy sweat rag so that made it bearable. As I couldn’t stay all night even though I would’ve loved to, I left before the end could come, but that wasn’t before catching Take Off Charlie perform an absolute killer set which set the night off perfectly. All in all it was a great 6-and-a-half hours of music, friends, and memories that already have me already anxious for Porchrokr 2020!

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