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A Review of The Rocket Summer's “Sweet Shivers”

A Review of The Rocket Summer's “Sweet Shivers”

 It's been three years since The Rocket Summer released his last album, “Zoetic,” and now he's back with a brand new album called “Sweet Shivers. Anyone who's been a fan of Bryce Avary since “Calendar Days” should have no problem enjoying his latest project. The entire album sounds like a more mature, up-to-date version of his older stuff, a clear move in the right direction. “Sweet Shivers” is a thirteen track album with a very synth-pop rock sound infused with a little bit of jazz. If you haven't listened yet, be sure to do so after you read my review.


“Morning Light”

A light guitar melody with upbeat lyrics is quickly cloaked in a much heavier sound with contradictory lyrics. Through both music and prose, this song tells the story of everything you can be if you're able to let go of the negative voices in your head that are telling you you can't.


“Shatter Us”

This track has a more positive feel than the first. The lyrics are very defiant in an almost rebellious way, and they're supported by a buoyant drum beat and a feel-good melody.



If you're going to skip a track on this album, it will most likely be this one. It's not terrible, I can see myself listening to it as background music if it comes on shuffle, but I won't be seeking it out. Something about the music reminds me a lot of Snow Patrol, and although I don't typically have issues understanding Bryce Avary when he sings, I found he sounded very muffled in this song.



One of the reasons I originally started listening to The Rocket Summer was because he reminded me a lot of Jack's Mannequin. “Garden's” is a perfect example of that similarity. The music is fun, unique, and makes me think of summertime and the meaning behind it is existential in the best way.


“Peace Signs”

If you're into synthetic jazz music, “Peace Signs” is the song for you.  It's a super chill song about good vibes that I can see myself listening to when I need a break from negativity.


“World's Greatest”

The horns are the star of “World's Greatest.” They help shine a light on the darker parts of the song and leave listeners looking forward to a brighter future.



The last track on “Sweet Shivers” is clear, concise and the perfect send off for an album well done. It's a track that will make you want to hit repeat and listen to the album again.


“5 4 3 2 1 Z”

This is the  track on “Sweet Shivers” that is most reminiscent of The Rocket Summer's older albums. If this doesn't sound like a matured mix between “Cross My Heart” and “Do You feel” then it's been too long since you've listened to them. A definite bop and a song that would be fun to hear live.



“I wanna life with the world in it” is a sentiment I can get behind. It's my favorite song of this album. It's short, sweet, and to the point. Avary's voice is beautifully clear, and the music is laid-back and acoustic.



If “Wannalife” is laid-back, “Slomo” feels like making your way through a party. Positive and upbeat, filled with sounds that mimic chatter and the clinking of glasses.


“Apartment 413”

I panicked the second this track started. It sounded mournful right of the bat and I wasn't ready for an emotional song. But what album is complete without a sad song to cry to? Seriously, don't listen to this unless you feel like despairing. Anyways, moving on.



“Keep Going”

A song for the hopeful. If you're an optimist in need of some motivation, “Keep Going” is your song. I like the vibe of this song a lot, but the music has a lot of distortion, so much so that I found it distracting at times.


“Together in TX”

One of my favorite things about The Rocket Summer is Bryce Avary's ability to convey emotion with his voice. He does so perfectly in this track, masterfully drawing out the meaning behind the lyrics. Unlike “Keep Going,” “Together in TX” has a great balance between sound and distortion.


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