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Interview: We Like The Fit of The Polarity's "Skinny Jeans"

Interview: We Like The Fit of The Polarity's "Skinny Jeans"

(Photo: Bess Ophelia )

Week in and week out, our writers dive down the rabbit hole of our favorite music service of choice, looking for new music to grab our attention and inspire us to want to share it with the world. What is the likeliness of one of our writers being in Dallas on business and tripping over a DFW area gem like The Polarity, who recently crashed the party on Spotify’s official “Fresh Finds” playlist…? Let’s just say Buckey had to hear from the rockers on their new track “Skinny Jeans” before he bought a dozen lotto tickets.

Q: To be completely honest with our readers, Spotify dropped you guy’s right into my ear while I happened to be in Dallas area on business. Please correct me if I’m wrong… The Polarity ironically just happens to be from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, yes? For everyone outside of Texas… what’s the music scene like in the DFW area?

That’s correct, we are from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, specifically from Denton which is northwest of Dallas. I think we arguably have one of the most diverse music scenes in the whole country. In Dallas there’s mainly rap, metal, and pop punk. In Fort Worth there’s Americana and country music. But Denton is a whole different story, it’s a very artistically cultured city, so you find some of the strangest genres mixed in with jazz because one of the biggest jazz schools in the country happens to be in Denton (University of North Texas). I graduated from UNT in Media Arts, but our bass player Tyler and lead guitarist Ethan are both jazz studies majors there. All of our band members come from such musically diverse backgrounds, so when we all come together I think we make something unique.

Q: For fans of the alt/indie scenes, where’s the best place to catch a live gig in the area?

Dallas is home to most of the music venues in DFW, and I think some of the coolest venues to catch indie/alt artists are places like Deep Ellum Art Co, Trees, Granada Theatre, The Kessler Theatre, and Sons of Hermann Hall. 

One of the weirdest things about Denton is the house show community. Denton doesn’t necessarily have a ton of legit music venue businesses, but people in the community open up their homes to host shows. Some of my favorite memories have been playing at house shows in Denton, and they’ve always been wild and crazy. 

Q: Spotify has you guys featured in it’s “Fresh Finds” playlist at the time of this write up, but that’s not even your first curated playlist Spotify has put you on! If you could make your own playlist for listeners of The Polarity, what other bands and songs would you fill it with?

If I built my own playlist I would have to feature some of Texas’ best local bands. Some of my favorites are:

Honey by Sad Cops

I Guess I’m Not a Part of Your Dreams by Little Image

Animals by Shadow of Whales

For You by Luna Luna

        Park and Ride by Select A Bonus

Definitely check out these bands, they deserve way more attention.

Q: What kind of feedback are you hearing for “Skinny Jeans”? Is it what you had in mind when writing and recording?

Honestly I didn’t expect it to receive the recognition that it did! I knew I needed to release something soon (this was in January) because we hadn’t released anything new since October. I struggled making any decent songs but then one day Skinny Jeans just popped out and we knew we had to record it. Once we released it tons of fans were posting about it on their Instagram stories, fans were DM’ing us telling us how much they loved it, and then the Spotify playlists happened shortly after. I personally didn’t know how people would react to it because it has a different feel than our other music, but I’m glad they ended up loving it!

Q: If we may… whats everyone’s gear rundown? And for everyone… what’s the one piece of equipment you wouldn’t accept a substitute for?

I’ll just chart this out to make it easier haha:

Taylor (Rhythm Guitar):

-Fender Hot Rod Deluxe White Lightning Edition Amplifier

-Gibson SG Standard CME Exclusive

-Pedals: Strymon Sunset Dual Overdrive, Strymon El Capistan, Strymon Timeline, Strymon Bigsky, MXR Chorus, TC Electronics Spark Clean Boost, Deadbeat Sounds The Void.

I personally can’t live without my Strymon Sunset Drive, I’ve had that on my board for the last 2 years, it’s 90% of my guitar tone, and it’s not going anywhere. Besides that, I’ve done some major modifications to my SG and I think I’m finally at a place where I’ve found my go to guitar. That’s a difficult sentence because I always find myself wanting to try new guitars!

Ethan (Lead Guitar):

-Vox AC15 Combo Amplifier

-PRS Custom 24

-Pedals: Bogner Overdrive, Boss DD20, TC Electronics Hall of Fame, Deadbeat Sounds Wet Dreams Chorus.

TG (Taylor Goode, Drums):

-Mapex Mars Series Drum Kit

-Matt Halpern Meinl Byzance Cymbal Pack

-OCDP 13” Snare

Tyler (Bass):

-Fender MIM Precision Bass

-Mark Bass 250W Combo Amplifier

Q: What’s next for The Polarity? Gigs, tours, more music on the horizon?

We are working on another record currently, it’s going to take some time so we aren’t sure yet when it will be released but we’re aiming for the fall. We are working on a tour that we can’t talk about yet! But you can catch us at Summer Crush Fest at Deep Ellum Art Co. on June 1 along with many other amazing indie bands. We are also talking to a few labels, so we’ll keep you posted on that as well!

Q: I appreciate you guys taking the time to fill us in. Before we plug “Skinny Jeans” below, can you hit us with all the social media links for everyone that likes what they hear?







Check out “Skinny Jeans” by The Polarity

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