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Playlist: TO/FROM MOM

I wanted to take time to spotlight half of my musical influence with a playlist for all of our readers. Over the past few weeks I’ve been taking time to piece together a big 40 song mix, filled with some of my mom’s favorite songs and bands, for everyone to enjoy. This way, our readers all over the world can get a taste of the music my mom loves the most. As you dive in, you’ll find hits from multiple decades and genres, including some of the best 90’s and 00’s alternative rock, to power ballads and arena rock from hair metal days past. And of course, a serving of straight forward classic rock.

Not stopping there, I’ve also included a sampling of new music just for mom, inspired by her favorite bands and songs. Everything from this generation’s best swelling power ballads, to parallels to bands like Rush, Fleetwood Mac, and Pat Benatar.

The best part of all of this that everyone reading and listening won’t understand is all of this comes with a special adapter to connect my mom into the 21st century, allowing her to stream this directly into my parent’s stereo system. It’ll be everyone’s own responsibility to listen to this as loud as my parents will be required to. In your airpods, on your Echo, or in your car, please be sure to turn the volume up accordingly.

Happy Birthday Mom! I hope the world finds their new favorite song among yours, and that you also find your own new favorite song.

Click HERE to head to the playlist!

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