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Pride Month Spotlight: Gia Woods

It's week four of Song Plug's Pride Month spotlight, and for our final interview we reached out to queer Persian artist, Gia Woods. In 2015 Woods came out via her breakout single “Only A Girl,” and she's been releasing bops ever since. Earlier this year she dropped a single “One Big Party,” an upbeat song about the end of a relationship. The accompanying music video is visually stunning and just as iconic and dazzling as the single itself. In April she released “Keep On Coming,” a sensual song made sexier by the natural rasp in Wood's voice.

Gia's latest single, “Feel It” was released at the beginning of this month, and if you're looking for a song to dance to this Pride Month, you need to add it to your favorite LGBTQ Spotify playlist immediately. But first, be sure to check out the Q&A we did with Woods below.

1. Your music is very clearly about women who love women. What does it mean to you to be able to make music for a community of people who often don't feel represented in the media?

It’s insane...I get messages everyday from people telling me how much my music has helped them come out to their families or even come out to the person they like. I feel so lucky to even be a voice for someone in any way, and I think it’s so important because some people, like me, didn’t have that growing up! It’s the most amazing feeling knowing that you have your own community and there are people just like you. So I’m beyond honored!

2. Which of your songs mean the most to you, and why?

“Only A Girl” will always mean so much to me. It was my way of not only coming out to my parents but also to myself. I’ve never been so open and vulnerable in a song; I remember how vague I used to be in my music and afraid to use pronouns like “he” or” she”, and this was the first song where I put it all out there. The feeling that I had the day that I released it will always be the most special day to me.

3. In your opinion, what's the best way fans can support LGBTQ+ artists?

I love when fans message me and have open conversations about what they’re going through and what’s going on in their daily lives. I DM with my fans everyday, so I think that’s a cool way to connect and it makes us artists feel so grateful to even have them in the first place!

4. Who are your biggest musical inspirations?  Madonna, Green Day, No Doubt, and Radiohead were such huge musical inspirations to me. I grew up listening to whatever my sister played around the house so I feel like a lot of my taste came from her. Thanks Mona!

5. As an out lesbian artist, what advice would you give to aspiring lesbian musicians?

Be yourself and write what you want to write about without overthinking it! Music is our outlet and the best songs are when you’re the most genuine!

6. Currently, what's your favorite song by a fellow LGBTQ+ artist? 

I’m really loving “You Seemed So Happy” by this amazing band called The Japanese House!

7. What are you looking forward to most about performing at Pride events this year? 

My favorite part after every show is meeting everybody who came out. It actually makes me the most happiest knowing that they came all the way to see me perform. It’s like a lil family!

8. Do you have any projects or upcoming shows you'd like to plug?

I’ll be playing Chicago pride, Out Loud Music Festival, and Charlotte Pride this summer! Come say hi and follow me on socials @giawoods ;)

Feel It:

One Big Party:

One Big Party Music Video:


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20 Years of Enema of The State and The Effect It Had On Me.

Earlier this month the legendary pop punk trio Blink-182 celebrated the 20th year of the wildly successful ground breaking album “Enema of the State”. Released June 1st, 1999 EOTS would be the anthem of a whole generation. The influence that it had on up and coming bands, and even a snot nose kid from Akron was profound. Throughout this article I will be describing the impact that this album and this band has had on me.

I will never forget the first time I heard blink-182. I was 8 years old sitting on my couch with a bowl cereal on my lap. Fifteen minutes until I had to go to school. My mom liked to have music playing as she got ready for work. MTV (back when they actually played music videos) was usually her go to. There was a lot of Britney Spears and all the boy bands that were hugely popular at the time. All of a sudden a new music video comes on and there were three men in white suits walking from a private jet. I just assumed it was another boy band.. then the music started. Those two power chords at the beginning sent shock waves through my body. This was different.. I’m sitting there on the edge of my seat. I’ve never heard or seen anything like this. That was the first time I heard “All The Small Things”.

I remember begging my mom for a copy of EOTS, and the chores I had to do to achieve that goal. Finally my mom took me to Walmart and bought me a copy (edited version of course). I burst through the door as soon as we got home and put that baby in the CD player. It was never not on when I was home. It was an obsession. Songs like “Whats My Age Again” and “Going Away to College” were my favorite. I also credit Tom DeLonge along with Billie Joe Armstrong for the reasons I picked up a guitar. EOTS stuck with me through thick and thin. Through all of my awkward middle school years.

Things didn’t change as I hit high school. I finally graduated to the “dirty version” of EOTS and the obsession hadn’t weakened. You could catch me in the school cafeteria singing shitty covers of “Adams Song” or “Don’t Leave Me”. Eventually I started my first band, and surprise surprise, our first cover was “Dumpweed”. You can’t discredit a band that never took themselves seriously, had insane success, and just looked like they were having the time of their life every time they preformed. With all dick jokes, and Tom talking about fucking Marks dad, they were just so endearing you couldn’t help but love them. To have commercial success as a punk band in a era where boy band ruled the world is nothing less than amazing.

As an adult I will be the first one to admit I kinda grew out of the band as my music taste evolved. But every now and then I’ll put on EOTS and just scream every lyric. I’ll try to imitate all of Travis’ drum fill, and look like an idiot. It just takes me back to the times I was an angsty teen. Nostalgia spills over me every time I listen to Blink. I can’t help but jam a few songs every time I pick up my guitar. That’s the just infectious effect that my San Diego boys have on me. I can help but hum “Party Song” every time I’m doing busy work. That’s how I know I’ll be in a rocking chair with grey hair reminiscing about how amazing and important that Blink really was.

As I write this I’m about three weeks away from seeing Blink preform EOTS in its entirety. I can barely contain my excitement, and have been prepping by listening it religiously. They’re being supported by hip hop superstar Lil Wayne. They’re also bringing along a band that they had a HUGE influence on, Neck Deep. After twenty years I’m still infatuated and head over heels in love with EOTS. Here’s to twenty more years!

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