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What is Song Plug?

Provide a hub for amateur writers to produce content based off a variety of music-centric topics through varying criteria. Song Plug is local friendly, and supported by the publication’s creative team that produce quality articles, playlists, and artist exclusives.

Anyone can write for Song Plug!

• Content being submitted for local music scenes require only approval based on industry amateur standards for grammar, readability, and a basic level of comprehension in content writing.

• Content being submitted for non-local music topics must also qualify under local criteria’s. Furthermore, publication on the blog will require an adjusting accumulation of approval from active community of prior accepted and established contributors.

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Moral and Ethics Guidelines

Submissions should adhere by the following criteria with regard to content to be considered for publication.

• No submission will be negative in nature to any artist, band, recording label, producer, songwriter. Negativity is broadly defined on the blog as anything that depicts any of the prior mentioned parties or their works entirely or prominently negatively. Negative points, facets, or aspects are welcome in posts, so long as they are not the overall theme or subject or otherwise, by themselves eclipse the overall theme or subject. The purpose of this guideline is to discourage submissions poorly reviewing new music, or artists. Overall, the blog aims to produce content to excite, inspire, and educate consumers. We do not feel this is attainable through negative and withhold the right to address submissions and publications as seen fit.

• No submission will be accepted if the content, or the music or artist in content, is directly insulting or offensive to LGBTQ communities or any race, ethnicity, gender, or disability.

• All publications of the platform must fall in line with the blog's Moral and Ethical Guidelines.

• All publications are subject to approval and removal by the blog's creator.

• All publications posted will be posted in their original and unedited content. Blog does not withhold the power to change, alter, edit, or censor any published content. Content that is not deemed acceptable upon submission will not be published. Content deemed unacceptable post-publication will be removed entirely. Only changes in formatting to ensure readability and a smooth and comfortable experience for the readers will be withheld by the blog.

• If any adjustments are deemed necessary to a submission or publication, the blog will attempt to reach out to the author to offer the changes for approval. Upon approval, an updated publication will be posted with a notification on the post for edits made.

• Any publication deemed offensive, untruthful, slanderous, or otherwise any violation of our Moral or Ethics Guideline by associated artists, bands, recording labels, producers, songwriters, or legal representation by any of the prior mentioned parties is subject for removal upon review by blog creator.

• Submissions or publications deemed to be plagiaristic in nature will be removed. This includes all typed or audio content.

• Image content will remain subject to removal by any associated artists, bands, recording labels, producers, songwriters, or legal representation by any of the prior mentioned parties.

• Language will not be censored; however, excessive profanity will typically not be tolerated.