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  • A Moderate-quality thumbnail must be provided, or else, one will be chosen by the site. Thumbnail images must credited to the original photographer if necessary. If you have concerns about image use, please contact us.

  • Any videos you would like to be included must have a valid link. We highly prefer only using Youtube videos for formatting purposes, and only using videos hosted on the artist’s official page. Please no lyric videos.

  • Any external articles referenced in submissions must include a link to the source for reference linking.

How To Become A Community Writer

If you are interested in joining the Song Plug writing community in an official capacity, please reach out to us directly via email or social media. We are currently accepting new members based on a resume of approved and published articles on this site. Please keep in mind that as more members are added to the community, the greater the number of published articles required will also increase. Consideration will always be given to prior experience and content quality.


  • Community writers are entirely in charge of their content, and may post articles as often as they’d like within reason. No approval is needed so long as the submission adheres by the Code of Ethics.

  • Song Plug Community Writers are also required to collaborate on a piece with another (or others) in publication at least once every 90 days. This can be in depth co-publications, or simply adding into a monthly round-table article. If a writer fails to contribute collaboratively over a 90 day span, they will be given a 30 day notice to do so or forfeit Community Writer status.

  • Community Writers MUST share and promote their own work (including collaborative efforts), and featured content outlined by the blog.

  • All Community Writers will be given their own page on the site, populated automatically with all publications. This serves as a free and effective portfolio for all our bloggers and writers.

  • Community Writers may market themselves as such, and represent Song Plug in a networking capacity for live events. If using our name can get you guest list or media passes… we encourage it!

  • Being a part of the Community means networking with many other talented bloggers with their own contacts and insight. We highly promote tapping into peer members for advice, leads, collaboration, or proofing with your work to ensure the highest quality content possible.

  • Access to Community only events, promotions, and merchandise. Friends and Family discount pricing on select online store products (As Available).